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In Pylmon Barcelona you'll find a huge variety of classes for all the purposes, as well as competitve prices in the heart of the real Barcelona.
Spanish Up Your Life!
The best way to learn Spanish is through immersion so come live the total experience of Barcelona and enjoy our 10% discount.
Make it more fun
In order to make the immersion more effective and the experience more fun, we wanted to offer our students the possibility to combine their INTENSIVE 20 courses with extra activities.
Live Barcelona
The activities are designed so that you get to know and participate in the city's everyday life,get to form part of it and end up feeling that you are just one more “barcelonés” during your stay.
Every Wednesday at noon we offer a free class focused on Spanish culture.
Learn, Live, Love
We imagine you living and studying the city.Having classes next to the Sagrada Familia,learning flamenco in Gracia,going to a language exchange in el Raval,cooking Spanish dishes in Poblenou..etc
B for Beautiful Barcelona
Barcelona is no doubt one of the most attractive cities in Spain.Modern and cosmopolitan,it-s a city that has preserved its historical heritage in which has been shaped through centuries
Pylmon Barcelona is a language school specialised in teaching Spanish for foreigners and all our courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes. Our students come from all over the world to learn Spanish and live the unforgettable Barcelona experience. Pylmon Barcelona's main objective is to offer the best combination of leisure and learning.

We pride ourselves on the excellence of our teaching and our Instituto Cervantes accreditation is a guarantee of quality for all our students. The Academic department is made up of a full time Academic Coordinator, as well as a team of highly qualified teachers, who have been specifically trained to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language. All our teachers have a master's degree in Spanish for Foreigners and extensive teaching experience. To ensure that our courses run smoothly and follow our guidelines, the Academic Department organises a weekly meeting with teaching staff and monitors students' progress regularly.

The Academic Coordinator designs original and compelling programmes, using the communicative approach, a methodology that focuses on the practice of the language through dynamic activities, role-plays and games. We use a variety of fun resources and custom-made material to make sure our students learn the language in the most effective way. In Pylmon Barcelona, we also believe that learning Spanish goes hand in hand with discovering the country's culture. This is we try to integrate cultural aspects in our courses and encourage students to discover the city and mingle with locals through our social activities.
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Our Classes
HOST Families
Family stay is, undoubtedly, the best accommodation option if you would like to go into Spanish culture and get to know closer the everyday lifestyle of a Spanish family. The cultural immersion means to get used to host family's habits and norms of daily coexistence, still keeping certain independence as you will have a room on your own as well as your own set of keys.
SHARED Apartment
The shared apartment accommodation gives you the opportunity to live with students of other nationalities or with local Spanish people who work or study. You will have a room on your own (double or single bed) with a wardrobe, writing desk and a chair. The shared spaces (living room, kitchen and bathroom) are fully equipped and most of the shared apartments are provided with Wi-Fi connection.
Activities Calendar
You are not sure on when to visit us? Check out our activities calendar. You'll see that in Barcelona there's always something exciting going on for all the interests!
Activities to combine with your intensive 20h
Do you like dancing? Are you a Chef? Used to working out regularly? or are you a fashion victim? In Pylmon Barcelona, we offer you the possibility to combine your INTENSIVE 20 course with extra activities to do, in Spanish, in different places around the city.
Know more about Barcelona
Barcelona is no doubt one of the most attractive cities in Spain. Modern and cosmopolitan, it's a city that preserved its historical heritage in which it has shaped through many centuries.
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